How to Choose the Right LED Daytime Running Lamps


Today I will introduce another thing that should be taken into consideration when you  choose led daytime running lamps. 

Too high light intensities of led daytime running lamps can cause partial blindness and bring annoying feelings to road users, which is called "Discomfort glare". It is very annoying to approaching drivers, though this won’t affect the driving performance. It has little chance that accidents happen. According to the studies in Canada, it mainly causes the discomfortable feelings to oncoming drivers and other road users. However, "Disability glare" hinders the driving performance. It is the big obstacle to safety driving.There is no clear line between two types of glare. But as the light intensities increase, discomfort glare becomes disability glare. There are differences between two types. In practice, discomfort glare can be tolerated for short times, such as flashing lights on emergency vehicles. Disability glare should be avoided at all times, which can cause the higher accidents rates. 

The light intensities of led DRL Lights should be proper. People often think that “the brighter the led daytime running lamps are, the better the led daytime running lamps are.”. Now it is proved to be wrong