The History of Daytime Running Lights(DRL Light)


The inital purpose of fitting led daytime running lamp was not to improve road safety. DRL lights stemmed from a campaign of 1961 that headlights should be switched on when models were running during daytime hours, which comply with a Texas governor's request to drive safely. Alao at that time, even today, people can not understand the meaning of fitting led daytime running lights, for roadusers can be seen clearly during daytime hours. LED daytime running lamp as a safety device is often not very easy to understand for the other road users. If you pay enough attention to roadusers, every roaduser could be seen clearly in daylight. However, the visual perception in daytime traffic is far from perfect and can be worse in conditions of loow anbient illumination.

According to a study, failing to see another road user in time is a main fator in 50% of all daytime accidents and for daytime intersection accidents this increases to as much as 80%.